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Incubeach presents Product Hunt Hackathon Live!

Kickoff: Nov. 3 @ 11am, Workathon: Nov. 18-19th, 2017

Product Hunt is hosting a month long hackathon and we will be hosting events in Santa Cruz to support local entrepreneurs, wantrapreneurs, solopreneurs, and anyone else interested in making something awesome.

When: Sunday Nov. 5
Where: Cafe Iveta @ 11am upstairs
Not sure what to build? Need to find a team? Want to join a team? Want to get some tips on how to build and launch in 30 days? Want to play a game of Disrupt Cards? Come hang out with people having the same questions.

When: November 18-19th from 9am-7pm (not overnight)
Where: Santa Cruz Works, 2837 Mission Street, Santa Cruz, California 95060

Check out Product Hunt's announcement here to get all of the info on prizes and the special categories. Don't forget to register so you get access to Ship, Product Hunt's killer pre-launch tool.

We've got great sponsors including Santa Cruz Works, Go Cubes by HVMN and NotPie will be delivering some wicked marshmallow treats.

How do I participate?

  1. Register your project at the Product Hunt and get access to great tools and resources for your launch, as well as be eligible for prizes (not required to participate in Santa Cruz though)
  2. Confirm you are going to the event by click "Going" here:
  3. Message me on FB or at with what you are working on and if you need anything (teammates, encouragement, guidance). I'll also send you a link to a Slack group for Incubeach.
  4. Get to work! PH's hackathon runs the whole month, making our two day event more like a chance to get focused work done and have some support and camaraderie around.
  5. All work registered with PH will be judged by them at the end of the month. If you aren't registering with PH and still want to participate, we will promote your work and if enough projects come together, I want to sponsor a "Demo Day" in Santa Cruz at the end of the month!
  6. Show up to Santa Cruz Works' Accelerator space on November 18th ready for a couple days of making.
  7. Ask me more questions!

Own it

Building confidence, creating awareness and developing the clarity to fuel your vision.

Stay focused

Identifying and eliminating distractions, understanding productivity and get committed.

Level up

Cultivate creativity, build critical thinking and harness your internal energy and health for mind-blowing performance every day.

Get out there

Create connections, get comfortable communicating your passion to attract and engage the resources you need.

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Joshua Bradley

I love seeing ideas come to life, but really enjoy the process of make that happen. Taking an idea out of your head and realizing it as a business requires more than just executing a strategy, it demands a measure of self-actualization and a lot of getting out of the way. I have helped over a dozen founders through this process and have gone through it myself, from raising funds to taking a company public.